Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye My Feleni

I have had a long and strong friendship with writer David Mamea for a few years now. So when I stumbled upon a post on facebook a few months ago that he was producing a play as part of Greyview's The 3UP project , I was thrilled for him. After many years of nagging him to write for the stage - he  did it.

Little did I know, I would get a phone call requesting a meeting.
David had a a favour to ask - would I come on as a co-producer  for Goodbye My Feleni.

Now , I didn't hesitate , this was my good friend and the way I saw it , I owed him big time for all of the projects he had supported me on, over the years.

So merrily , I have walked alongside David to ensure that this project comes to fruition, with hopefully as little stress as possible. His job , make the script the best it could be , my job find director  - easy.  Chris Molloy came onboard and selected his cast.

Shadon Meredith , Samson Chan Boon, Leki Jackson Bourke and Andy Sani .

The funny thing about co-op productions is that you get to do all things.
Between David and myself we have designed a minimal set , sourced costumes, created a eflyer and promoted the work. David has also acted as stage manager fo the work.
 Chris has designed a simple lighting design and organised the rehearsal schedule.

We are 5 days out from opening night and I look forward to seeing all the hard work come to fruition on stage on Thursday 14 June.

Friday, March 16, 2012

E Ono Tama'i Pato by Maureen Fepulea'i - One step at a time!

Hekama Creative has started to work with Maureen Fepulea'i on the further development and plans for production of E Ono Tama'i Pato.

On March 10 , Maureen was invited to be part of TAPAC at PASIFIKA FESTIVAL 2012.
Big thanks to all those who came over and attended - we had about 40 audience members join us.
Who generously gave Maureen feedback after the reading both in public forum and via surveys we handed out. The encouragement to take this play to the community has been incredible.
We are working hard on possible production dates. So watch this space.

Even bigger thanks to the amazing cast and director :

Lilioavani - Ana Tuigamala
Raesala - Stephanie Tuaevihi
Sala - Suivai Autagagia
Elisapeta - Victoria Schmidt
Mele - Jenni Heka

This reading was directed by Margaret Mary Hollins .

This was Hekama Creative's first attempt at eflyer design - didn't do too badly considering.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Ehara taku toa i te toa taki tahi, engari, he toa taki tini
Success is not achieved alone, but is accomplished through a collective

Tuakana Teina Project - Strong Hands - Thats a Wrap .

As an emerging production company, Hekama Creative was thrilled to be included in this year's Tuakana Teina Project - Matariki 2011 along side Smackbang Theatre Company . The Tuakana Teina project has manifested on many levels - an emerging writer / an established writer, emerging producer/established producer / a new production company / an established production company.

The presentation of Strong Hands as a new work-in-development scribed by Michael Rewiri Thorsen with devising input from Hekama Creative has been a while coming. When we began this journey to Matariki, we thought the building and testing of new work needs to be valued, it requires a process. And while all the best-laid plans are never foolproof, something in the  heart of this play spoke to our men in rehearsal. We talked about how Maori men converse and communicate - and how they don't. We talked about our brothers, fathers, and their roles; how families connect and disconnect. Michael Rewiri-Thorsen's characters inhabit a male domain, claustrophobic and rough - yet there is evidence of vulnerability and acceptance within the stoicism of its unvoiced pauses...

Hekama Creative would like to thank Creative New Zealand for investing in our project, Auckland City and its officers for it incredible support. We would like to acknowledge SmackBang it has been a strengthening experience to walk alongside you throughout the Tuakana Teina Project.

Mostly we would like to thank our creative team and our cast - all equally talented, all so valued.

Aroha nui, nga mihi mahanau mo te tau hou
Noho ora mai tatou
Turou Hawaiki

Strong Hands Cast
Tana – Chris Molloy
Anaru – Rob Williams
Cory - Brian Rankin
Boof – Phil Adams
Playwright: Michael Rewiri-Thorsen

Hekama Creative team
Director: James Beaumont
Producer: Jenni Heka
Production Manager: Jamie Blackburn
Stage Manager: Claire Noble
Assistant Stage Manager: Venus Stephens.
Lighting design: Calvin Hudson
Lighting assistant: Paul Niewoudt
Sound design: Rory Maguire
Set design: Monique van der Kolk
Costume design: Monique van der Kolk & Venus Stephens.
Photographer: Tui Hibbs
Tuakana Teina Community and Audience Coodinator – Noa Campbell

Michael Rewiri-Thorsen and the Hekama Creative whanau would like to acknowledge and thank:
Matariki Festival, Playmarket, The EDGE & technical staff, Bernadette Nofo, Natalie Blackman, Banana Boat, Toi O Manukau, Smack Bang Theatre Company, Basement, Andrew Malmo, Albert Belz, Tainui Tukiwaho & Amber Curreen , Matt Mac Dougall, Stuart Hoar, James Wilson, Rob Mokaraka, Rawiri Paratene, Mikki Tae Tapara, Lisa Davis, David Mamea, Leilani Unasa, Anders Falstie – Jensen, Cath Nola, Kitan Petkovski, Michael Saccente, Ascia Maybury , Mt Eden Presbyterian Island Church & Reni Lulia, Michael Forkett, Shona Tarai, Niel Croucher, Anthony Tia, Trey Manley, Troy Ahotolu,  Fiaalii Mariner (Kingston & Latras Auto Ltd), Glen Innes Mechanical Repairs- Leon , Natalie McDade, Wayne McDade, Murphy McDade, Nigel Reddy, Lemuelu Setefano, Jack Woon, Matene Karena, Rakai & Moka, Ben Ng Roimata Fox, Scotty Cotter, Hinu te Hau, Murray Lynch, Pania Stevenson, Sharleen Prasad and kids, Emere Reweti-Mason, Kylie Humphries, Kura Te-Waru Rewiri and William Davis

Strong Hands - synopsis

Strong Hands
the debut work by Micheal Rewiri Thorsen and Hekama Creative

Set over a day where brothers Tana (Chris Molloy) and Anaru (Rob Williams) are stuck in a cycle of two steps forward one step back in their relationship. Tana has taken work at Clive's Motors  and has left Anaru in sole charge of their mechanics business. Corey (Brian Rankin ) the new apprentice is proving to be a handful Boof (Phil Adams) needs to get these boys to Annette’s wedding or there will be hell to pay. But first things first, the boys need to talk.

This slice of life story about how men need to talk but don’t, how technology gets in the way and sometimes the hardest thing to do is be with the ones you love the most. Dramatic and at times funny. Sometimes it takes Strong Hands to make things happen.
Matariki Festival 2011
Tuakana Teina Project
Strong Hands
Matariki Festival 2011
Tuakana Teina Project
Te Awarua by Albert Belz

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strong Hands Rehearsals begin

What a great week ! 
On Mon 16 May we started on the 4 week rehearsal period for Michael Rewiri-Thorsen's debut play for Strong Hands. 
We are incredibly blessed to have such a great cast and crew. 
Thank you James Beaumont for being the amazing director you are. Kris Malloy, Brian Rankin Jr., Robbie Williams and Phil Adams you all rock.
Venus Stephens has been our stagemanager/scribe extrodinaire.
hekama creative facebook link - for all the updates